IELTS Result 2024 Dates: Check Score, Download Scorecard

For the IELTS examinees, IELTS Result 2024 is a crucial matter. Mainly, the IELTS Registration many students Band Score they look at first. Your most important IELTS Exam Results is now disclosed by both IDP and British Council. The candidates who have participated in the exam now can see their results; IDP IELTS Results and British Council IELTS Results.

You can know your total Band Score and the raw score. That means, you can see your reading, writing, speaking and listening score individually. The IELTS Computer Based Test Result and the IELTS Paper Based Test Result are not revealed by the same time. However, don’t get hesitated and find out your results-

IELTS Result 2024

The official websites provide the IELTS Result for each examinee. But this online result is not official. You will get your TRF (Test Report Form) from the exam center. The scorecard will be sent to you by mail posting. But you should get in touch with your exam center about the IELTS official scorecard.

When Will IELTS Result 2024 Come?

Both IDP and British Council have the same timeline for result publishing. The time schedule is:

Exam NameResult Publishing time
Computer Based Test03 to 05 days after the exam
Paper Based Test13th Day of the exam date

IELTS Exam Result BD 2024

The IELTS Exam Result 2024 for IDP is available on website. On the other hand, the IELTS British Council Results is available from But you don’t need to go here and there for the results. Please follow the instructions to know your IELTS Band Score.

How is IELTS marked?

Well it is an important part to know. The IELTS is not an ordinary exam like school or college. It is a really combined score for the entire English-Language understanding ability. The International English Language Testing System shortly known as (IELTS) is complex but easy if you understand.

There is no pass or fail in the IELTS scorecard. You get a score according to your exam. The score will be from 01 to 09. IELTS Score 09 means he/she has fully operational command of the language. However, the band score is the combined result of reading, writing, listening and speaking tests.

IDP IELTS Result 2024

The IDP publishes their IELTS Results through their official website. You will need to provide your credentials there in the website portal. These are; passport number, Date of Birth. You should remember that the online result is provisional. You cannot send this result to any organization or any university. However, to get your IDP IELTS Results, please follow the below-given process.

British Council IELTS Result

Many IELTS-examinee ask How to Check IELTS Result British Council? You don’t need to be worried about it. In Bangladesh, most of the students take IELTS from British Council. So for the IELTS candidates, British Council IELTS Result is really valuable. Confusion falls while they go to find out results. But anxiety ends when they see their band score.

How to See IELTS Result 2024

To see the IDP IELTS Result-

  • At first, go to ( this portal
  • There, enter your Given Name, Family name, passport number and Date of Birth
  • Please enter these credentials correctly
  • Then submit and get to know the score

Well those have taken the IELTS from the British Council they will find out results by a different portal. Luckily, you can check out your IELTS Exam Results by following the step-by-step process-

  • Click here (
  • There you will find “Login Here to see your Result” option
  • Tap on it and then you will need to enter E-mail and Password there
  • Enter your E-mail address and the password
  • After you login, you will see your band score

This is how you will see your IELTS Exam Result from the official website.

Apply for Review

Yes, it is possible to apply for review. In case if you are not satisfied with your result or you think the result may get better, you are allowed to apply for the result review. For this, you have to pay an amount. To know the amount for review please contact to your exam center.

You should know that, if your review is successful and your result is changed then you will get refund of the money. It is a good thing about the review system.

FAQs for IELTS Result 2024

Q. How long the IELTS Result is valid for?

Ans: This result is Valid for two years.

Q. What if I am absent or sick on the test day?

Ans: In that case, you will lose the full fund. But if you show your medical report within two days then you will get an amount of the fee.

Q. How soon can I re-sit the IELTS test?

Ans: There is no time limit for IELTS Exam. You can sit in the next exam schedule.

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