IELTS Exam Registration 2024 Application

Are you going to IELTS Exam Registration Online? For you , a step-by-step guideline is here. Which one you are going to register for; British Council IELTS Registration or IDP IELTS Registration? Confused? Don’t worry; by reading the explanation here you can decide which one you are going to register for.

First of all, you need to know about the types of IELTS exam. You know IELTS is the most famous and acceptable for study abroad, work and immigration. There are a few types of IELTS exam. You need to be clear about them before you book a test. Here is the guideline including IELTS Exam Registration, Fees, Venues, and other details.

IELTS Exam Registration 2024

In Bangladesh, IELTS Exam is conducted by two organizations- British Council Bangladesh and IDP Bangladesh. Both organizations have Paper Based exam and Computer Based exam system.

Paper Based Exam:

By seeing the name ‘Paper Based Exam’ you can guess that you will give the exam by paper and pen. You will get a question paper and you have to write down the answers. But the fact is, speaking test may held in different date. The person who has slow typing-speed may choose this method for the IELTS Exam.

Computer Based Exam:

Most of the IELTS Candidates choose this method for the exam. The best thing about computer based exam is the answer is given within a short time. One examiner will inspect your activities and your exam through virtually connection.

IELTS Registration in BD

Every year, a huge number of Bangladeshi citizens including students are going abroad. So, the term ‘IELTS’ is being more and more popular the students. However, IELTS Test Registration BD is simple if you understand.

Two organizations (British Council Bangladesh & IDP Bangladesh) take the IELTS Exam in our country. There is not much dissimilarity between them. Almost everything is same, only a few matters make differences. However, you can book the test under any of these. The value of the IELTS certificate will remain same. But to reduce your confusion, you should see the details of these organizations.

British Council IELTS Registration

When you are thinking about booking an IELTS Test, British Council is the first thing comes on your mind. It is because British Council is conducting IELTS exam from 1980 and it is much popular in our country.

Why take IELTS with the British Council?

There are several benefits to take the IELTS from British Council. British Council offers free practice tests, modeled answers, and feedback from the experts. You will get free access to WORDREADY which is an online resource delivering personalized vocabulary. There are also free practice tests and highly trained stuffs. It has seven test locations in Bangladesh.

IDP IELTS Registration

IDP is the abbreviation of ‘International Development Program’. Nowadays it is much popular in our country that conducts the IELTS for the citizens. However, you may think why you would IELTS Exam Registration with IDP. Here is the reason-

Why take IELTS with IDP?

IDP has nine exam centers across the country. Among them, six are inside Dhaka that covers the city where most of the IELTS Exam Registration candidates. IDP not only given IELTS certificate but also give you guideline for your foreign study. IDP is always here to help you. IDP provides the best equipment in the computer based exam.

Which One to Select; Academic or General Training?

Most of the students fall in confusion which type of exam they will book. To say simply, if you are going to abroad for study, then you will choose ‘Academic’. Lets be more clear about these-


The IELTS exam for academic is to judge if you have the requirements to study for higher education in the English speaking country. There is an IELTS Band which determines if you are eligible for the University or not. Each university has its own IELTS score acceptance point. It examines mainly your vocabulary and understanding in reading + writing factors.

General Training:

The citizens who are migrating or going abroad for work has to go through the IELT General Training. It focuses on the real-life factors of English language. You cannot meet your daily life in the English-speaking country if your pronunciations and understandings are not enough. This is what General Training measures actually.

IELTS Registration Fee in Bangladesh

The fee for IELTS Registration in BD differs for each type. Take a look at the IELTS Exam Registration fees-

British Council Bangladesh-

Test ModuleFee
IELTS Academic22500 BDT
IELTS General Training22500 BDT

IDP Bangladesh-

Test ModuleFee
IELTS Academic22500 BDT
IELTS General Training18600 BDT

Note: The fee for IELTS exam may increase. So it is better to keep up-to-date about IELTS Exam Registration from the official website.

IELTS Exam Dates

Well both British Council and IDP offer a wide range of schedules for the IELTS exam. You can choose your exam date according to your convenience. You can see the schedules for the exam anytime by visiting the official website.

IDP held the IELTS exam four times in a month and 48 times in a year. So, there will be no problem for the exam date if you take IELTS with IDP.

Venues for IELTS Exam

British Council Venues are:

Paper Based ExamComputer Based Exam
Cox’s Bazar—–

IDP Bangladesh Venues:

  • Dhaka (Dhanmondi, Uttara, Mirpur, Banani, Gulshan, Mohakhali)
  • Chittagong
  • Khulna
  • Sylhet

FAQs about IELTS Exam

Q. How many days I can use my IELTS Score?

Ans: IELTS Score validity period is two years.

Q. Can I Cancel my IELTS Registration?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Is there any cancelation fee for IELTS Booking cancel?

Ans: Yes, 25% of the exam fee will be cut.

Q. Is there any time limit to retake the IELTS Exam Registration?

Ans: No, there is no time limit.

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